• Manufacturing

    The First manufacturer to focus onanti-fatigue mats in China over 10 years.

  • Warranty

    12 month quality warranty on all products shipped.

  • Service

    We serve some of the world's top retailers; Amazon, Phillips,Grainger, Drive medical and more.

  • Professional Bedside Safety Fall Mats Manufacturer- Sheep Anti-Fatigue Mats

    A Bedside Safety Mat is a bedside mat to protect patients from fall injuries. Manufactured by Sheep Anti-Fatigue Mats, these mats are made with elastomeric foam core for impact absorption. The mats absorb shock so well that you can drop an egg from 4 feet and it will not crack. Beveled edges allo...

  • Season’s Greetings from Xiamen Sheep Anti-Fatigue Mats Family

    Happy Holidays! Warm wishes from our Xiamen Sheep Anti-Fatigue Mats family to yours. Wishing you and your family joy, peace and all things beautiful.♡♡♡    

  • SheepMats – the Best Anti-Fatigue Mat Manufacturer

    Ergonomic solutions to health issues is always a big concern all over the world. From ergonomic chairs to standing desks. Manufacturing anti-fatigue mats (sometimes referred to as a standing desk mat), for example, is a simple way to alleviate unnecessary stress on the back or feet. In fact, anti...

  • Fitness Mats Should be A Necessity for Everyone

    Fitnessaholics who have already looked around for the ideal fitness mat know: The search is a science in itself, because there is a large selection and countless models that differ in size, color, material or weight. The most common names: Sports mat or fitness mat is the generic term for...

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Sheep Mats is China’s first and only TUV certified manufacturer of anti-fatigue mats; Over sixty- three million units deployed worldwide. It’s located in Xiamen city, which is a major place for cross strait sales exchanges.

Our main products include anti-fatigue kitchen mats, standing desk mats, industrial anti-fatigue mats, medical anti-fatigue mats, salon mats, fitness mats and yoga mats. “Comfortable standing every day” is what we chase. We are working with a lot of clients including GRAINGER, TARGET, PHILIPPS, COSTCO, Amazon, ect.



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